Vintage Cocktail Club -Brunch -My Thoughts

Nice Tiles -Voce Fala Portugues?

Hadn't been. Was in town on Sunday. Needed grub. Fancied a cocktail too -et voila, found myself at the 'secret' door of the V.C.C. Rang the doorbell ...felt momentarily nervous...should we smile or look moody & cool or what? Was there a man looking at us on hand stroking a cat in his lap, one hand hovering between a red button and a green button?! Is this what it's like when you get to the gates of heaven?!

This Door. Somewhere in Temple Bar!

We were greeted by a very friendly girl/lady (I'm in my 30's but still like to be referred to as a girl!) who showed us up a dark stairwell and asked if we'd like to sit in the roof bar and she could pull the roof back for us....Well don't mind if we do so! For now the roof bar was empty, apart from the taxidermied duck, everyone else was in the park or at the beach or still trapped at home nursing hangovers -Hurrrah. 

The Perfect Sun Trap

S and myself perused the brunch menu, made quick decisions and moved swiftly on to the vast selection of spirits and cocktails. This decision happened rather more slowly, they are E11.95 for the standard non-aged ones so we would only be having 1. This is where my indecisive nature reeks havoc....I'm feeling pressure to choose the 'right' one...urrrrgh....Okay, okay, relax the furrowed brow...Housemade Marmalade Vodka?!....'Flip Out' SOLD! S went for the rather femininely named 'Baby Bliss' containing Housemade Beetroot, Balsamic & Strawberry Coulis...Aptly named as it did induce a state of bliss...

Flip Out & Baby Bliss

The beautifully presented cocktails arrived first, leaving us in a slightly boozy state for the grub -no harm done. They were pretty toothsome and if finances had allowed I would definitely have had more...many more.

I had chosen the Smoked Haddock & Poached Egg E14 on a lovely de rigure granny chic plate with wilted spinach, bacon and hollandaise -personnaly I'd have liked if the dish hadn't been under a grill as it dried the hollandaise slightly and a piece of toast would have been nice too, but it was damn tasty. S had Eggs in a Skillet E10(with toast!) deliciously flavoured shrooms with ricotta and eggs -aesthetically also yum.

Haddock & Eggs

Googs in a Skillet

The bill came to E47.90 and we were happy to pay it. Visually the place is nicely finished, the staff were friendly and we enjoyed our chow down and sip up. I imagine it's not as relaxing at night when apparently the place is pretty busy, but for a lazy, boozy Sunday brunch? I would return...(ahem)...anybody who knows me and wants a guide, I am very willing to show you the way...