Odell Brewing Company -Take 3- Craft Beers

I only started drinking beer in the last couple of years...yes I was a very late beer bloomer. I used to drink whiskey and water 'of an evening' as my father would say...and as my father would also drink. I think now is probably the best time to be a beer drinker in Ireland not only because of the recent Irish craft beer explosion but also because of the increased availability of craft beers from beyond our shores.

Today I want to talk about the The Odell Brewing Company based in Colorado.  One (rare) sunny day on the stoop, our lovely neighbours first introduced us to the Odell Company with a cold bottle of their I.P.A. (India Pale Ale) -one sip and I was hooked. The company has it's roots in the year 1989, in a grain store from 1915, with the number 3 -three Odells named Wynne, Doug and Corkie. It really is a true success story, the 3 muskateers went from brewing in very small batches and delivering in a Datsun pick up, to expanding over time to a 45,000 sq ft operation creating 45,000 barrels full of outstanding craft beers. The company are very community focused, sourcing raw materials locally, running a charity programme and ensuring minimum environmental impact from their activities...other companies in any field could learn a lot from the Odells. They are dedicated to continued experimentation with flavours, yeasts etc...and long may they continue!

A few days after my first taste I trundled off on Black Pudding (my bike) to Whelans Off Licence on Wexford St. because I really wanted...needed another bottle of scrumptious Odell suds and lo and behold, as well as the beautifully packaged I.P.A. there was another Pale Ale and a Red Ale. Costing around the 3 euro mark for 350ml they aren't cheap but they are quality beers with complex, well thought out flavour structures. 

First up we have Odell Red Ale comin' in at 6.5% this is not for the first time beer drinker as it packs quite a hoppy punch. It is a joy to look at...even the froth has a slightly red hue. Flavour wise it has spicy, grassy tones.
Odell   Red   Ale

Second up Odell I.P.A. comin' in at 7% a really flavoursome Americanised version of India Pale Ale -very popular amongst the Irish Odell posse. Grassy, grapefruit and honey notes pleasure the taste buds here.
Odell   I.P.A.

Last but not least Odell % Barrel Pale Ale at 5.2% it is lighter but still has a distinctive hop taste due to use of essential oils from select hops. It is floral and presents a hint of lemon.
Odell  5 Barrel  Pale  Ale

I just discovered that Redmonds of Ranelagh also stock the Odell Cutthroat Porter, which I plan to try very shortly! In the meantime I hope that Whelans and Redmonds will squeeze in a few more varieties as I for one would love to sample some more of the wondrous liquids made by the enterprising, crafty, geniuses at the Odell Brewing Company -God Bless America & Cheers!