Rhubarb Schnapps -that is all

Schnapps, schnapps, schnapps....my new favourite tipple. Like risotto, once you know 'how to' you can adapt it to your liking.For the supper event recently I had decided to try a recipe from Diane Henrys' 'Salt, Sugar, Smoke', actually 3 of the various elements were from said book...more on the rest later. Forced rhubarb along with Kale has a certain magical quality, aesthetically mostly, and I have watched (and joined in with) kids using both as a form of magic wand...sure why wouldn't you?! Possibly after the consumption of a few glasses of this you will feel yourself imbued with a certain magical quality too.....

What you need:
  • 900g of pink rhubarb
  • 900ml vodka (doesn't have to be expensive)
  • 350g of sugar -granulated or caster
What you need to do:
  • Trim the stalks and cut into small pieces
  • Pop into jar or bottle and add the sugar
  • Cover and give it a good nights sleep -the sugar will entice the juice out
  • Next day add the vodka -shake well
  • Allow to imbue for 4 weeks
  • Shake every now and then (mine only had 2 weeks but was still very, very tasty)
  • Keeps for a year...I'd like to see you try
  • Serve over ice and sip yourself gently into rhubarb heaven